Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC). A notice containing information that does not qualify for the origination of a NOTAM or for inclusion in the AIP, but which relates to flight safety, air navigation, technical, administrative or legislative matters.

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Strategic Lateral Offset in Bodø OFIR

AIC-I 04/19 23 SEP

Denne AIC har til hensikt å informere om nye prosedyrer vedrørende anvendelse av SLOP-prosedyrer i NAT regionen. Nummereringen i dette dokumentet henspeiler på fremtidig nummerering i AIP, og endringen vil publiseres i AIP ved første anledning. This AIC is published to inform about new application of SLOP-procedures in the NAT region. The numbering relates to the Norwegian AIP, and the change will be published in the AIP at the earliest convenience.

23. sep 2019

Weather minima requirements when approving SET-IMC operations in Norway

AIC-I 03/19 13 MAR

In order to carry out commercial air transport with single engine turbine aircraft under instrument flight conditions or at night (SET-IMC), a special approval is required from the Competent Authority. The requirement for such a SET-IMC approval follows the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, Annex V, Subpart L (SPA.SET-IMC).

13. mar 2019

Information on upcoming proposal for requirements for multi-crew concept for scheduled flights at short-haul airports

AIC-I 02/19 13 MAR

13. mar 2019

Special Procedures For In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace

AIC-I 01/19 22 FEB

22. feb 2019