Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC). A notice containing information that does not qualify for the origination of a NOTAM or for inclusion in the AIP, but which relates to flight safety, air navigation, technical, administrative or legislative matters.

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AIC on validation of PPL for specific tasks – 28 days

AIC-I 06/19 20 DES

20. des 2019

New airport charges for 2020 concerning all airports operated by Avinor AS

AIC-I 05/19 14 NOV

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has, by its decision 8 November 2019, adopted new airport charges for all airports operated by Avinor AS.

14. nov 2019

Weather minima requirements when approving SET-IMC operations in Norway

AIC-I 03/19 13 MAR

In order to carry out commercial air transport with single engine turbine aircraft under instrument flight conditions or at night (SET-IMC), a special approval is required from the Competent Authority. The requirement for such a SET-IMC approval follows the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, Annex V, Subpart L (SPA.SET-IMC).

13. mar 2019

Information on upcoming proposal for requirements for multi-crew concept for scheduled flights at short-haul airports

AIC-I 02/19 13 MAR

13. mar 2019

Special Procedures For In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace

AIC-I 01/19 22 FEB

22. feb 2019

AIC I Kontrolliste/checklist

AIC-I 08/18 11 DES

11. des 2018

New airport charge for 2019 concerning flights to the Norwegian continental shelf from airports with a heliport operated by Avinor AS

AIC-I 07/18 07 NOV

07. nov 2018

New airport charges for 2019 concerning all airports operated by Avinor AS

AIC-I 06/18 29 OKT

29. okt 2018

Exemption for CAA-Norway licensed pilots from Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 Operating Aircraft not certified to Conduct PBN approach

AIC-I 05/18 28 SEP

Referring to AIC-I 03/18.

28. sep 2018

Volcanic ash

AIC-I 04/18 11 SEP

11. sep 2018

New regulations regarding performance-based navigation (PBN) instrument rating privileges

AIC-I 03/18 25 JUN

25. jun 2018

Procedures for extreme QNH-values outside the altimeter setting scale

AIC-I 02/18 21 JUN

21. jun 2018

Meteorologisk observasjonstjeneste METAR/AUTOMETAR fra offshore installasjoner på norsk kontinentalsokkel

AIC-I 04/10 19 OCT

09. jun 2018

Meteorological Observations from Offshore Installations on the Norwegian Continental shelf

AIC-I 04/10 19 OCT

09. jun 2018

Friksjon på kontaminerte rullebaner

AIC-I 08/09 02 NOV

09. jun 2018