NF-1042E ATPL Type Rating Multi-Pilot Helicopter

02. Jun 2020 - Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1042E-1 Application for ATPL skilltest Helicopter

02. Jun 2020 - Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1140 Light Aircraft Pilot Licence LAPL(H) Helicopter

01. Apr 2020 - Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1101 E Assessment of Competence SFI TRI

01. Apr 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1044 E Report on passed OPC/PC

02. Mar 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

Special requirements for B and C aerodromes

Special requirements for operators performing commercial air transportation into Norwegian category B and C aerodromes (NF-1032)

14. Feb 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

ATPL Aeroplane Type Rating Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes and Single-Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes (NF-1028 E)

21. Jan 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1135 Skill test Instrument Rating Helicopter IRH including PBN

17. Dec 2019 - Pilots (Helicopter)