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Application for validation of Flight Crew Licence - Specific tasks


17. Feb 2023 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) Aeroplane


17. Feb 2023 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1028 E-1 Application for ATPL skilltest Aeroplane

17. Nov 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

Class Type Rating Single-Pilot Aeroplanes Except for High Performance Complex Aeroplanes


24. May 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1088 Light Aircraft Pilot Licence LAPL(A) Aeroplane

02. Mar 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1162 Basic Instrument Rating BIR

01. Mar 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1112 E Competency based Instrument Rating CB IR(A)

27. Jan 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1092 E 12 hrs – SEP (land), SEP (sea) or TMG

16. Sep 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)