NF-1151 E Renewal of FI and IRI

16. Jun 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1150 E Application for SE IR based on valid ME IR single pilot for which a class rating is required

15. Jun 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1148 E - Application based on an MPA and SP HPA Complex IR cross-credit to IR for valid class or type for single-pilot aeroplanes

15. Jun 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

Application form for MCCI (NF-1149 E)

30. Mar 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1147 E Application for privileges as TRI(A) to perform LIFUS and or Landing Training

09. Feb 2021 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1139 E Registration for the hteoretical exam ATPL/CPl/IR/BIR/CB-IR

Registration for the theoretical exam commercial licences.

02. Oct 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing), Pilots (Helicopter)

NF-1079 E Class Rating Sea

30. Aug 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1046 E3 Instructor Certificate Aeroplane revalidation & renewal

30. Aug 2020 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)