NF-1129E Application form for flying drone in EN R102 (Central Oslo)

You have to apply before flying an unmanned aircraft (drone) in the permanent restricted area over the center of Oslo (R-102). Please use this form.

04. Jun 2018 - Drone/RPAS

NF-1113E RPAS Operators Application RO2 & RO3

This form is for initial application, minor changes/updates and operator class change/major revisions as drone operator in the category RO2 or RO3 (Remotely pilot...

04. Jun 2018 - Drone/RPAS

NF-1114E Declaration form (RO1)

Use this form to declare as operator in the category RO1 (Remotely piloted aircraft system organisation, category 1). If you have a Norwegian social security numb...

04. Jun 2018 - Drone/RPAS