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Case processing

Information about our case processing and your right to appeal if you disagree with our decision can be found below.

Processing time for applications

The processing time is counted from the day we receive a complete application containing all relevant documentation until you receive our decision. The shortest processing time is achieved when you ensure that the application is filled out correctly and all requested documentation is attached. If the application contains minor deficiencies, we will contact you. If the application contains major deficiencies, we will return the case to you and urge you to re-submit a complete application.

Usually, applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

Your right to appeal

If you disagree with our decision, you have the right to appeal. In the CAA Norway decision letter and below, you will find information on how to proceed with an appeal.

Your appeal must be in writing and sent to us within three weeks after receiving our decision letter. In some cases, upon request, we can help you set up an appeal.

We can annul or change our decision if we find that your appeal is justified. If we uphold our original decision, your appeal will be forwarded to the relevant appeal body. In most cases processed by us, the appeal body is the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Exceptions are medical cases and aircraft registrations, where the National Office for Health Service Appeals and the Ministry of Justice are relevant appeal bodies.

In either case, we will inform you about our position in the appeal case within one month after receiving your appeal.

With certain exceptions, you have the right to acquaint yourself with the documents in the case. Any exception from this primary rule will be in accordance with the Public Administration Act (section 18–19).