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NF-1028 E-1 Application for ATPL skilltest Aeroplane

17. Nov 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

NF-1164 E

ATPL Type Rating, Skill Test Proficiency Check, Single Pilot or Multi-Pilot Helicopter.

15. Nov 2022 - Pilots (Helicopter)

Dangerous Goods - Exemption Application Form

Transport by air of dangerous goods which are forbidden under normal circumstances.

08. Nov 2022 - Operators

Initial cabin crew training and application for Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)

Here you will find guidance for commercial air transport (CAT) operators and training organisations approved for initial cabin crew training and information for a...

08. Nov 2022 - Cabin Crew

NF-1163 E Application for the issue of a Cabin Crew Attestation

Use this form for a Cabin Crew Attestation application, whether an initial application, duplicate, change of name or citizenship.

08. Nov 2022 - Cabin Crew

Application for a cross-border UAS operation in the ‘specific’ category


25. Jul 2022 - Drone/RPAS

Class Type Rating Single-Pilot Aeroplanes Except for High Performance Complex Aeroplanes (NF-1027 E)

24. May 2022 - Pilots (Fixed-wing)

Language Proficiency Assessment Form


22. Apr 2022 - Examiner