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Initial cabin crew training and application for Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)

Here you will find guidance for commercial air transport (CAT) operators and training organisations approved for initial cabin crew training and information for applicants of a CCA.

As amended, the provisions for initial cabin crew training and the issue of a CCA are given in Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 (Aircrew Regulation).

Aircrew Regulation – Annex V – Part CC

Qualification of cabin crew involved in CAT operations [PART-CC] Annex V contains provisions and qualification requirements for cabin crew members engaged in commercial aviation. For cabin crew, there is a requirement that you are the holder of a CCA.

Following the new regulations, certification must be issued by a national authority or by an organisation approved by the aviation authority.

In Norway, such issuance can be handled by CAT operators or a Cabin Crew Training Organisation (CCTO) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Norway.

In accordance with the provisions of CC.CCA.105, the CCA shall be issued with unlimited duration. If a cabin crew has not exercised the associated privileges as a cabin crew in the last 60 months, the attestation will no longer be valid, and a new initial course must be completed.

Procedure for CAT operators, training organisations, applicants or holders of CCA

CAA Norway has established procedures for CCAs in accordance with the provisions in Aircrew Regulation, Part-ARA, subpart CC.

The cabin crew shall not hold more than one CCA at any time.

The previously issued CCA must be shredded when issuing a new CCA after a change of name, citizenship or duplicate.

Application for the issue of a CCA

For all applications for a CCA, use form NF-1163 E.

Initial issue

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants for a CCA must have passed the Initial training course in accordance with CC.TRA.220.


If CCA holders lose their CCA, it is stolen, or the CCA is destroyed, the cabin crew must apply for a duplicate.

The cabin crew applying for a duplicate of a CCA must describe the reason for applying on the application form.

The cabin crew must apply to the CAT operator or CCTO who initially issued the CCA. The CAT operator or CCTO shall give a duplicate of the CCA with the same reference number as the original CCA and archive the application on the Cabin Crew holder's file.

If the issuing organisation no longer exists, you shall send the application to CAA Norway.

Change of name or citizenship

If the holder of the CCA changes their name or citizenship, the CAT operator or the CCTO that issued the CCA must be notified. The holder must apply for a new CCA to the organisation that issued the original CCA. Required documentation is stated on the application form.

If the issuing organisation no longer exists, you shall send the application to CAA Norway.

The original CCA is valid until the holder receives a new CCA if the cabin crew can document that the name or citizenship is changed.

Additional requirements for CAT operators and CCTOs


  • a CAT operator is issued a new AOC certificate, OR
  • a training organisation is issued with a new approval as a CCTO


  • the approval to issue a CCA is included

the CCA portfolio shall be transferred to the new relevant AOC or CCTO.

In this case, the issue of a new CCA based on an application for a duplicate, change of name or citizenship of the current CCA shall be issued with the same reference number as the original issued CCA.

CAA Norway shall keep a record of all issued CCAs.

CAT operators and CCTOs approved by CAA Norway to issue CCAs shall, following ARA.CC.100, submit a list to CAA Norway with a record of CCAs they have issued. The records must be entered into the excel template provided by CAA Norway.

The records of cabin crew that have completed initial cabin crew training shall be sent to no later than four weeks from the date of issue of the CCA.

This procedure also applies if the organisation has issued new CCAs due to a name change.

CAT operators or CCTOs shall update their files when they issue a new CCA due to a change of name and/or change of citizenship. The name and citizenship written on the CCA must always correspond to what is written on the cabin crew's passport.

Duplicate of issued CCA

There is no requirement to submit records of issued duplicates to the authority if the duplicate is issued with the same reference number as the original CCA. The organisation shall keep records of issued duplicates in the holder's file.

Change of citizenship

If there is a change of citizenship, a copy of NF-1163 E with relevant attachments must be sent to by the organisation that issued the original CCA.

Note! CAA Norway can update the guidance and the application form at any time.

If you have questions about the guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Last updated: 08.11.2022