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When should you apply for assistance?

You should enter information saying that you need assistance when you book your flight, but if you do it later, you should state your need at least 48 hours before you fly.

Air travel booking systems are required to include a facility for entering information about needs for assistance.  These details can also be entered at a later stage. The information will be forwarded to the airport administration at departure, transit and arrival airports and to other airlines involved in the journey.

You should preferably notify any need for assistance at least 48 hours before departure.  

You are entitled to assistance even if you have not booked it in advance, but then you may have to wait longer for the assistance.

When a disabled person is in transit at an airport or is transferred to another flight, the airport administration is responsible for ensuring that the assistance is provided in a way that enables the passenger to complete the flight in accordance with his/her reservation. Transit times can be longer if you need assistance, so you should allow plenty of time when you make your booking. Some airlines require a longer minimum time for transit passengers with assistance needs.