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New Spaceports in Europe Increase Activity in the Airspace

Andøya Spaceport will serve launch vehicles designed to deliver satellites into orbit.

03. Mar 2023

Zero Emission Regional Aviation Conference

Green Aviation Norway is hosting the first international interdisciplinary conference on future regional zero-emission aviation. Join us in Oslo on October 18, 20...

04. Oct 2022

Launching a Green Aviation Programme

(Bodø 10/05/22) Avinor, Civil Aviation Authority Norway, the Federation of Norwegian Industries and SINTEF are joining forces to launch a Green Aviation Programme...

16. Jun 2022

Accepted Revised Draft Performance Plan for Norway

As a part of the EEA-Agreement, Norway has implemented Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/317 of 11 February 2019 laying down a performance and charging...

25. Apr 2022

International flights to Svalbard

The Civil Aviation Authority may again consider applications for international flights to Svalbard Airport Longyear.

02. Mar 2022

Russian flights banned from Norwegian airspace

Commencing 28 February 2022, from 09:15 CET, Russian flights have been banned from using Norwegian airspace.

28. Feb 2022

Collaborating to establish an innovation centre for zero- and low-emission aviation

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority, Avinor, the Federation of Norwegian Industries and SINTEF are joining forces to establish an innovation and testing centre...

18. Mar 2021 - press release

Norway – a driving force and arena for electrification of air travel

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport has commissioned Avinor and the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority to develop a proposed program for the introduction of elect...

06. Mar 2020 - press release