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Journey to the North

This short documentary is about two young pilots embarking on an adventure, traveling in a light plane. They have only five days to fly from the southernmost point in Norway to the northernmost – The North Cape. They will encounter challenging decision making to handle inclement weather, fuel and landing at some of Norway's shortest runways...

Multilingual subtitles are available in YouTube.

In this film, you meet Ronald Heyerdahl Griffin (25) and his friend Faisal Raja (21), who both recently got their private pilot licence.

They seek an adventure with their pilot's licenses, inspired by Norwegian aviation pioneers like Gidsken Jakobsen, Viggo Widerøe, Roald Amundsen, and many others. Their goal is to travel from Lindesnes Lighthouse to North Cape and have breakfast in the air on the Norwegian constitution day, May 17th.

The adventure is about seeing our beautiful country, exploring the incredible freedom a pilot's license offers, and seeing how far north they can get in just five days – something that may seem surprisingly easy, but becomes considerably more challenging when the weather and time work against the young pilots.

You can follow them through planning, flying, and see how they handle the challenges they face along the journey. They meet people from flying clubs and local communities who help them get closer to their goals. Will they make it to the North Cape?

Planning a flight to Norway or the North Cape? Check out the VFR guide for Norway here.   

Last updated: 31.05.2023