Norway - a European arena for electric aviation

CAA Norway and EU aviation safety agency (EASA) have concluded a binding agreement which will accelerate work on electrifying aviation.

07. Jun 2019 - press release

Geofencing stops my drone before regulations do. What do I do?

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has received several inquiries after DJI updated its software for geofencing which also includes Norway. The update turns o...

28. Mar 2019

Temporary suspension for all Boeing 737-8/9 Max operations

Sunday, March 10, 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed in Ethiopia shortly after departure. The same aircraft type Boeing 737-8 Max was also involved in a pl...

12. Mar 2019

Microlight airplanes attempted sold with fake documents

Civil Aviation Authority Norway has gained knowledge about microlight airplanes with fake airworthiness certificate. The planes were attempted sold with documents...

18. Jan 2018

Svalbard Airport Longyear changes to national airport

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided to amend the status of Svalbard Airport Longyear (LYR) from international to national airport w...

20. Sep 2017