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RO2 and RO3

The regulations consist of chapters, where the different chapters respectively cover RO1, RO2, and RO3.

You will find the regulations above.

  • Chapters 1, 3, 7, and 11 cover all operators. Chapter 3 contains general requirements and limitations. Chapter 6 contains operative decisions that cover all operators, while chapter 11 contains individual regulations.
  • Chapter 5 sets additional requirements of RO1 operators.
  • Chapter 8 contains additional regulations that cover individual operations that RO2 operators can carry out.
  • Chapter 6 contains additional requirements for RO3 operators.
  • Chapter 9 contains additional operative regulations that cover operations that RO2 operators can carry out.
  • If an RO3 operator carries out an operation that falls under Chapter 8, these regulations covers the flight.
  • Air traffic regulations do not cover flying indoor with drones. In certain cases the RO3 operator has permission to fly closer than 50 or 150 meters, but only by explicit permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.

RO is short for Remotely piloted aircraft system organisation.