Declaration (RO1)

To operate in category RO1 one must send a declaration to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (N-CAA), where the operator must declare that he or she is familiar with the requirements and limitations that apply to operate within this category. The declaration can be as a legal person or as an organization. If you have several pilots in your organization, you should still only send in one declaration form.

Forms for declaration are available under forms (skjema) on our website with reference number NF-1114E

The operator must prepare an operations manual (OM) that describes the planned operations. A template for this document is available here. The OM is not subject for approval, but the N-CAA may request that the OM be available for inspection.

Once the declaration form is sent to the N-CAA and one receives a receipt message from our archive, the operator can commence operations.

When the declared information is transferred to our system the operator will receive a conformation that the information provided is registered. Once all information has been registered in our system the drone operator information will be published on our list of drone operators.