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FAQ Validation of pilot licences, non-commercial activitites

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How do I apply for the skill test?

You shall get in touch with an EASA-approved examiner for the skill test. Foreign examiners shall notify us according to the requirements in Norway's Examiner Differences Document (EDD). Check

What documents shall be attached and how do I submit my application?

The skill test form shall be sent together with copies of the following supporting documents: ICAO Medical certificate EASA Medical certificate Flight Radiotelephone Operators Certificate (if not

What is the English Language Proficiency requirement?

An EASA-approved English language proficiency assessor shall conduct the English language proficiency test. Checklist: 28 days

What fees do I have to pay?

Fees are charged in accordance with BSL A 1-2 "Forskrift om gebyr til Luftfartstilsynet" and are subject to change. You will be invoiced the fee after we have received your application.

How do I begin the process of applying for validation of my third-country licence for non-commercial activities?

You need an EASA medical certificate. We recommend you get this in place as early as possible. Check list: non-commercial