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Medicines and baby food

You can travel with a reasonable quantity of medical equipment, medicines and supplies and can carry baby food for consumption during the journey.

The airline will be able to demand a doctor's certificate if you are chronically ill or have certain health conditions. Contact the airline for more information.

You can carry with you enough medicine to cover your journey by air.

Checked-in baggage can go astray or be delayed, so you should carry the medicines you need in your hand luggage. It is best to take the prescription with you and store the medicines in their original packaging.

Baby food

You are permitted to take baby food with you, for use during the journey. Mother’s milk substitute and mother’s milk are considered to be baby food and are therefore permitted. Those travelling with babies are allowed to take a pump and one cooling element (or one bag of dry ice). 

You must be prepared to prove that the contents of the containers are within the rules, for example by tasting the contents or putting some