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Child harnesses, belts and seats approved for air travel

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has approved the belts "CARES" and "CRELLING" and the seat "MERU" for use aboard Norwegian aircraft. The belts help the passenger to sit securely in his/her own seat, while the child seat is a good aid for handicapped children who find it difficult to sit without support.

Approved belts or harnesses are:


The approved child seat is:

  • MERU

You can find more information below. 

About using aids on board aircraft

In collaboration with the EU flight safety authority (EASA) and other European aviation authorities, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority has carried out a thorough review of the documentation for these aids. They are approved by the US Federal Administration Authority (FAA) and in most countries in Europe.

There is no regulatory requirement for airlines to have these aids available, but passengers can take them with them and ask to use them.

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority recommends that you contact the airline in advance to obtain more detailed information about how to proceed.

It is up to the airline to decide whether passengers can use these aids, as the cabin crew have to be trained how to ensure the safety of passengers who use them.

The “CARES” child harness is approved with weight limits and can be used by children aged one and over, who weigh between 10 and 20 kg and are no taller than 100 cm. The harness can be rented at certain airports in Norway. The “CRELLING” harness is approved for both adults and children.

The “MERU” seat will be very helpful for handicapped children between three and 14 years of age, when travelling by air.

Visit the manufacturers’ websites for more information.