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Am I fit to fly?

The airlines require you to be fit enough to complete the flight. If you are in doubt, you should obtain a doctor’s certificate, but it is the airline that ultimately decides whether you are fit enough to fly.

Typically, airlines can require you to produce a doctor’s certificate if you:

  • have recently been ill or admitted to hospital.
  • have an unstable medical condition.
  • are travelling for medical reasons or to receive treatment.
  • need extra oxygen.
  • have to use medical equipment during the flight.
  • are in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

If you are unsure whether you are fit enough to complete a flight, you should talk to your doctor in advance and notify the airline that you need assistance. The airline will be able to demand a doctor's certificate if you are chronically ill or have certain health conditions. Contact the airline for more information.

If you need aids in order to be able to sit on board the aircraft, you must contact the airline to investigate whether your aid is approved.

If the airline deems you to be too ill to fly, either when you check in or at the boarding gate, you can be refused boarding.