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A joyful family shares a moment of happiness at the airport, with their son seated on the luggage beaming a wide smile. In the background, a campaign by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority encourages setting electronic devices to airplane mode for a pleasant flying experience for everyone.
Travelling should be pleasant for everyone. Put yourself in flight mode.

Put yourself in flight mode. This is the message from the entire aviation industry. And with good reason.

In 2019, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway registered 334 incidents involving unruly passengers. Four years later, in a year when the number of air travellers was still lower than before the pandemic, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway registered 560 incidents. Despite fewer travelers, we saw an increase of 68 percent in reported incidents involving unruly passengers. That's a problem.

What is an unruly passenger?

An unruly passenger is not only someone who crosses the boundaries of social acceptability but also someone who, through their actions, potentially jeopardizes the safety and well-being of fellow passengers and crew. This includes verbal and physical harassment, excessive intoxication, smoking on board, drug use, and not following crew instructions.

Unruly passengers smoke and drink covertly; they engage in altercations with cabin crew, make sexual advances, and harass staff and fellow passengers. Some are so intoxicated that they cannot control themselves. They end up becoming a threat to everyone.

For this reason, we operate under strict safety regulations in aviation. The rules are designed to protect everyone on board – from the youngest children to the most experienced travelers. When we talk about putting ourselves in "flight mode," we're not just referring to turning off electronic devices. We're entering a mode of respect for the comfort and safety of fellow passengers.

Being in flight mode means recognizing that your actions have consequences beyond your personal sphere and that behaving well is not just a matter of personal choice but a collective responsibility. It's about understanding that a pleasant journey is a shared project where each individual contributes their best behaviour.

Be part of the solution. Put yourself in flight mode.

It's our collective commitment to ensure that the journey is as safe and comfortable as possible for all involved. By sharing this understanding and practising it, we not only show respect for each other but also contribute to a safer and more inclusive travel environment. This is the essence of being a responsible passenger and part of the larger travel community.