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Secure distances and maximum height

All flights must be carried out in a considerate manner that doesn’t expose aircraft, people, birds, animals, or property to damage, or is in any way a nuisance to the general populace.

The aircraft must at all times be visible to the operator. When you are flying you have to stay within the secure distances.

It is not legal to fly any higher than 120 meters above ground or water, and you cannot fly closer than 150 meters from a gathering of more than 100 people.

It is not allowed to fly closer than 50 meters from other people, vehicles or buildings that are not under the operator's or aircraft manager's control. This entails that people, or owners of vehicles or buildings, have to consent that the flight can be closer than 50 meters. There are separate regulations for aircraft weighing 250 grams or less.

When the aircraft is that small, you can fly within visual line of sight (VLOS), expanded visual line of sight (EVLOS), or beyond line of sight (BLOS), but not higher than 50 meters over ground or water. The secure distances to people, vehicles or a building does not count.

This flight must also be carried out with consideration to others.