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Apply for a permit (RO2 and RO3)

If operations are to be carried out in a way that exceed the specifications for category RO1, the operator must have an operating license form the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway.

The first step is to prepare a customised operating manual (OM) corresponding to the size, nature and complexity of the organisation and its activities. A template for this document is available here.

Next, the operator must seek approval from the N-CAA by using form NF-1113E, which is available under forms (skjema) on our website. For faster processing it is important to verify that the form is complete and all relevant attachments are accompanying the application.

Operation categories RO2 and RO3 cannot be started until the operator has been given permission through an operating license.

Once all information has been registered in our system the operator information will be published on our list of drone operators.