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FAQ validation of pilot licences, non-commercial 28 days

Validation of pilot licences for non-commercial activities.

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Who can conduct the acclimatisation flight and what is the procedure?

You shall complete at least one acclimatisation flight with a qualified EASA flight instructor before carrying out the specific tasks of limited duration as PIC. The acclimatisation flight shall

What documents are required for an inspection and do I have to register?

The endorsement shall be available for inspection by the competent authority for the entire validation period. No application or registration form needs to be sent to CAA Norway. Checklist: 28

How is the acclimatisation flight documented?

The acclimatisation flight shall be endorsed in the candidate's logbook or an equivalent document and signed by the instructor. Checklist: 28 days

What are the requirements?

You shall hold an appropriate licence (PPL, CPL or ATPL), medical certificate, and associated ratings or qualifications issued under Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention. You are also required to