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As an ATPL holder, must I undergo a training course before undertaking the theoretical knowledge examinations and skill test?

You do not have to undergo a training course; however, you shall have completed the experience requirements for the issue of an ATPL in the relevant aircraft category as set out in Subpart F of Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 and provided that the third country licence contains a valid type rating for the aircraft to be used for the ATPL skill test.

ATPL checklist

  • A Norwegian EASA medical certificate
  • Theoretical Knowledge Examination
  • Experience & Training
  • ATPL Skill test procedures
  • English Language Proficiency Rating
  • Application ATPL(A) Form NF-1028 E-1
  • Application ATPL(H) Form NF-1042 E-1
  • ATPL(A) skill test Form NF-1028 E
  • ATPL(H) skill test Form NF-1042 E


Last updated: 18.04.2023