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I have an ATPL licence issued based on a CPL/IR issue and the experience requirements for the ATPL. Is the licence recognized as an ATPL by CAA Norway?

No, CAA Norway does not accept or recognize ATPLs issued only on the background of a CPL + hours as an ATPL licence. You will then have to follow the CPL crediting procedures.

ATPL checklist

  • A Norwegian EASA medical certificate
  • Theoretical Knowledge Examination
  • Experience & Training
  • ATPL Skill test procedures
  • English Language Proficiency Rating
  • Application ATPL(A) Form NF-1028 E-1
  • Application ATPL(H) Form NF-1042 E-1
  • ATPL(A) skill test Form NF-1028 E
  • ATPL(H) skill test Form NF-1042 E


Published: 20.02.2023