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Overflight – Space activities

The following is for information purposes only. Additional requirements may apply, and CAA Norway reserves the right to request additional information/documentation if deemed necessary.

All use of Norwegian airspace by spaceflight activities requires permission from CAA Norway prior to launch. The applicant – the launch operator – must provide sufficient documentation for the CAA to effectively assess safety linked to the part of the operation that will take place in Norwegian airspace.


Applications must include, as a minimum, information on the following:

  • launch time/launch window
  • rocket specifications
  • fuel specifications/quantity
  • payload specifications (including the content of hazardous materials (e.g. hydrazine) and radioactive materials)
  • planned flight trajectory
  • projected impact area for debris, planned and unplanned
  • procedures for safeguarding danger and restricted areas, as well as coordinates for these areas

In addition, a risk assessment for Norwegian land and sea areas must be submitted, as well as a certified copy of valid insurance covering third-party liability. If the insurance arrangements are not in place at the time of application, the certified copy may be submitted later.

CAA Norway may require further documentation if deemed necessary.

Applications for permissions can be submitted at:

Applications are required prior to each launch.

Lead time:

Applications for spaceflight activities in Norwegian airspace must be submitted to CAA Norway well in advance of the planned operation and a minimum of 6 months prior to launch.


No fee.


Even if a rocket is not to pass through Norwegian airspace, but there is a risk of damage within Norwegian airspace and on Norwegian territory; this will require consent from the Norwegian authorities. Please contact CAA Norway for more information.