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Aerial work

The following is for information purposes only. Additional requirements may apply and CAA Norway reserves the right to request additional information/documentation if deemed necessary.


Aerial work is any paid work undertaken by an aircraft (other than public transport). Examples include aerial survey or aerial photography, parachute dropping, crop spraying and flights in connection with reindeer herding.


Please fill in the following form: Request for permission in accordance to AIC I 5/00

In addition to the application form, please include:

  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or aerial work permission
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Map of area of operations (when airborne sensors are used)
  • Operators Manual (OM) describing the operations

CAA Norway may require further documentation if deemed necessary.

Applications for traffic permissions can be submitted at:

Lead time:

Applications for non-scheduled flights to and from Norway must be submitted to CAA Norway no later than two workdays prior to the planned operation. If a flight is planned to be operated on a Saturday, Sunday or a Norwegian holiday, then the application must be submitted to CAA Norway no later than two workdays prior to that Saturday/Norwegian holiday.


A fee of NOK 2660 will be billed per permission.


  • Is the intended flight classified as a high-risk specialised operation? 
  • Please note that flights below minimum altitudes are subject to special permission from CAA Norway. Ref. BSL F 1-1, Chapter III, § 3-5.
  • Updated regulations regarding the use of airborne sensors in Norwegian airspace came into force 1 September 2018. The operator of foreign registered aircraft is obliged to notify the National Security Authority (NSM) prior to the use of airborne sensors. In order to notify NSM, please use this link.