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Mobility equipment

If you use electrical mobility equipment such as an electric wheelchair, you should inform the airline about the equipment in advance, including the make and model. This is to ensure that it can be carried safely during the flight and does not constitute a fire risk.

Before you book, check if the airline has restrictions affecting mobility equipment, as these may vary from airline to airline.

Before you travel you should:

  • Inform the airline about the model, weight and size of your mobility equipment.
  • Take the user manual with you, as this may be useful to the airline.
  • Let the airline know about your mobility equipment’s functionality, e.g. whether your wheelchair is collapsible, and provide details about how to assemble it and fold it together.

This will help if there are problems loading the equipment into the aircraft.

If wheelchairs, or other mobility equipment or aids go astray or are damaged during handling at the airport, or while being transported on board the aircraft, you are entitled to compensation. Contact the airline or airport immediately you discover the damage.