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Register as UAS operator

To fly a drone in Norway, you must register at Here we explain how to register.

Exceptions for registration only apply if you are flying a drone under 250 grams without a camera or if the drone is clearly marked as a toy. Go to to register and take online courses and exams.

Register as:

Private person: You only fly for yourself.

Organization: You are the contact person for drone operations in a company. You will be asked to provide the organization number. There should be only one registration per organization number.

Pilot: You fly for a business and only have to take courses and exams.

As a private person and organization, you pay an annual fee (220 kroner in 2022) for registration as a drone operator. Courses and exams are free.

Log on to

Login takes place via the ID port on

Fill in information:

As a private person, you will be asked to enter your insurance number. If you do not have this ready, you can leave the field blank and fill it in later. More information about liability insurance.

For organizations, you must state the organization number from the Brønnøysund Register (9 digits without spaces).

Pay the annual fee:

Private individuals and organizations pay an annual fee for registration as a drone operator (NOK 220 in 2022).

As a pilot in a business, you only need to take free courses and exams.

As a drone operator, you will be assigned an operator number on the flight drone's "My page" with which you must mark the drone or model aircraft. The operator number looks like this: NOR87astrdge12k-xyz. The last digits of your number are secret and should not be included in the marking. You also use the registration number if you fly in other countries in Europe.

Take courses and exams:

To fly in subcategories A1 and A3 as a pilot or private person, you need a certificate of competence. Click on the link in to get to the online course. You get access to the exam after completing the online course. (Remember to click through all pages including control questions for the course to be marked as complete.)

After passing the exam, your certificate of competence is available on "My page" on

If you want to fly in A2, additional competence is required. The online course for A2 can also be found at The actual exam for A2 theory is taken at the traffic station. More information about A2.

On flydrones "My page" you can:

- take A1 / A3 courses if you did not do it the first time

- download competency certificates for A1 / A3

- download receipt for payment

- join an organization as a pilot (click on the + sign next to "Pilot" in the left menu)

- create a new organization (click on the + sign next to "Organization" in the left menu)

- update contact information

- add or update insurance number

- find a link to the A2 course under "Pilot competence"

Happy flight, fly the drone safely and considerately! Registration on

Category information

With your registration you can fly in open category. In the open category there are three subcategories: A1, A2 and A3. In A1 you can fly small drones, which can be used above and near individuals. In A2 you can fly medium-sized drones with a defined distance from individuals and crowds. Larger drones in the open category are flown in subcategory A3 and away from people, buildings and recreational areas.

More information about the rules for open category can be found here.

For more advanced drone operations, a permit in a specific category may be required as well. Information about the application process can be found here.

Questions and answers

You will find many questions and answers on the website. Here are some current topics about registration.