Transfer of licence and medical records

Is your licence issued by one EASA member state and your medical certificate in another, and do you want to combine them? Or do you want to transfer both from one country to another? This is how you proceed for a change of state of licence issue (SOLI).

  1. Send in the application for change of competent authority
    You must apply in the country that you want as your future competent authority. The aviation authorities in both countries will cooperate throughout the process of transferring information and records.

    If you want to transfer your licence from Norway to another EASA member state you need to apply to the aviation authority in that country. Contact the foreign aviation authority for more information on how to proceed.

    If you want to transfer your licence to Norway, you can apply by filling out this form.

    Form NF-1057 E Application
    change of competent authority
  2. Pay the application fee
    You will in most cases receive an invoice from the future competent authority, and in some cases also from the former competent authority.

  3. Return the old licence
    When you receive your new licence you must immediately return the old licence and medical records to the new competent authority.