The following is for information purposes only. Additional requirements may apply and CAA Norway reserves the right to request additional information/documentation if deemed necessary.

According to Regulation on Aviation on Svalbard a traffic permission is required for all flights to/from Svalbard. This requirement is also applicable to Norwegian/Community operators.


Application must include:

  • The full name, nationality and contact information of the operator
  • Registration mark and type of aircraft to be used
  • Complete routing, call sign and schedule
  • The nature and purpose of flight
  • The nature and amount of cargo
  • Copy of the airline’s AOC
  • Copy of valid insurance covering at least the third party liability
  • Copy of aircraft documents (registration, airworthiness, noise)
  • An exhaustive passenger list both for the inbound and outbound flights.

CAA Norway may require further documentation if deemed necessary.

Applications for traffic permissions can be submitted at:

Lead time:

Applications for non-scheduled flights to and from Norway must be submitted to CAA Norway no later than two workdays prior to the planned operation. If a flight is planned to be operated on a Saturday, Sunday or a Norwegian holiday, then the application must be submitted to CAA Norway no later than two workdays prior to that Saturday/Norwegian holiday.


No fee


  • Please note the special requirements for aircraft operators performing commercial transportation into Svalbard airport/Longyear as described in AIP ENSB 2.23. A traffic permission will not be issued until a letter of compliance for Svalbard has been issued.
  • The use of aircraft on Svalbard is regulated by the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act and the “Regulations relating to motor traffic in Svalbard” (Motorferdselsforskriften). In addition, there are separate provisions on the use of aircraft in protected areas. Please click for more information