Theoretical examinations for commercial pilots and instrument rating

Information about Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument rating (IR/EIR/CB-IR).

From March 2020, the theoretical examinations for ATPL /CPL/IR/EIR/CB-IR will be conducted at some of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's traffic stations.The theoretical examination is available in English.

The completion of the theoretical examination is regulated in Part-FCL.025, ARA.FCL.300, BSL C 1-1a and the Norwegian Public Administration Act, Chapter IV and Chapter VI.

Those who take the theoretical examination must send registration to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority via flight school (ATO) of the current examination type. Use form NF-1139. When re-examining, no new registration shall be submitted.
If the candidate is under quarantine due to cheating in Norway or another European country, he or she will not be able to take the theoretical examination until the quarantine period has expired.

Upon registration, the candidates will be billed for the full theoretical examination. Upon re-examining he or she will be invoiced per subjects after the theoretical examination.

Candidates at Norwegian ATOs are booked for the theoretical examination by the school. Private individuals and candidates from foreign ATOs will receive an email with information on how they book the time for the theoretical examination themselves.

Examination locations, examination periods and examination regulations can be found in separate attachments under the article.
It is important to familiarize yourself with the examination regulations before the theoretical examination is conducted.

Valid identification must be presented at attendence. Information on which credentials are accepted can be found here.
See the Exam Regulations for permitted aids.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has the authority to expel candidates who do not meet the requirements for the theoretical examination.

The exam result is available to the candidate immediately after the theoretical examination. The candidate will then receive an email with the examination result.

The CAA issues diplomas when all subjects for the current theoretical examination are passed.

Theory for ATPL/CPL/IR/EIR/CB-IR is valid for 36 months from the date the last subject until the current theoretical examination is passed.