What documents shall be attached and how do I submit my application to CAA Norway?

The skill test form shall be sent together with copies of the following supporting documents:

  • Valid ICAO licence, (UK licence issued as Part-FCL licence or a national licence),
  • relevant flight logbook pages with “endorsements” and at least the last two pages (documenting currency and total flight time),
  • valid ICAO and EASA medical certificate.
  • English language proficiency test report.

The complete set of documents shall be sent to postmottak@caa.no in PDF format only. Zip folders or Maildrop email etc., attachments are not accepted.

PPL checklist

  • Medical
  • Theoretical Knowledge Examination
  • Experience & Training
  • Skill test
  • PPL(A) Skill test Fomr NF-1029E
  • PPL(H) Skill test Form NF-1035 E
Published: 09. Jul 2021