Do I need to undergo training before I conduct the skill test for the PPL?

There is no requirement to undergo training before the skill test, but it is highly recommended.

Pilots who do not meet the 100 hours as pilot, which is a requirement to convert the licence, shall follow the procedures for crediting of your 3rd country licence. You shall undergo an approved training programme at an ATO or DTO. All the required training exercises in the PPL-programme must be conducted. How much credit you will get is based on the recommendation from the ATO/DTO. A shortened PPL-programme will normally include a minimum of 15-20 hours dual flight training and some solo flights, depending on your previous experience. The credit recommended by the ATO/DTO, and the training programme they develop for you, shall be approved by CAA-Norway before any training for issue of a PPL licence can start.

PPL checklist

  • Medical
  • Theoretical Knowledge Examination
  • Experience & Training
  • Skill test
  • PPL(A) Skill test Fomr NF-1029E
  • PPL(H) Skill test Form NF-1035 E
Published: 09. Jul 2021