Specific category

The specific category will fit most operators that do not fit in the open category. A lot of operations in specific are beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

There are several options for operators to get approval for flying in specific:

  • SORA: Apply for authorization through a Specific Operation Risk Assesment (SORA), for each type of operation.
  • PDRA: Apply by using a Predefined Risk Assesment (PDRA). This is a pre-made SORA for the operator.
  • STS: Declare to operate using a Standardscenario (STS). In order to do this, the drone needs to have certain C-classifications, and the pilots needs to have passed the exam for STS.
  • LUC: Apply to become a Light UAS Operator (LUC). A LUC can be authorized to approve their own SORA, PDRA og STS.