FAQ - Online training and exam

Frequently asked questions about online training for Remotely piloted aircraft system organisations (RO), category 2 and 3.

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A passed theory exam has no time-limited validity under the current legislation. Each operator is responsible for ensuring that pilots and commanders receive sufficient and suitable

If you fail the exam

If you fail to answer correctly on at least 75% of the questions, you can sign up for a new exam already the following day, but we recommend to thoroughly review the syllabus

Passing the exam

After submitting your test, you will have immediate access to the result. We urge you to keep a paper or electronic copy of it. The individual operator is responsible for

Attempt of cheating during the exam

If observed attempting to cheat or actually cheating during the exam, CAA-Norway will ban you from re-take the exam for at least 12 months.

How to register for the exam

You need to meet at a traffic service office (NPRA) that offers «drop-in theory». The exam is available to anyone who can show a valid ID and is able to pay the exam

Contents and questions

Each exam includes 40 multiple choice questions. Each question has four alternative answers where only one of the options will be correct. The order of the questions and

Rules for the conduct of examinations

Examination will be governed by the same regulations that are used for other examination schemes in aviation (BSL C 1-1a - Regulations on general provisions

Online course

Online training for drone operators in category RO2 and RO3 is available (see link below). This course is only available in Norwegian.

Answering the questions

The questions are answered electronically. It is important to thoroughly review the examination regulations before the examination commences. Once all questions are answered


You can pay the fee (NOK 1010) by cash or debit card. Credit card is not accepted.

Valid identification

It is important to bring identification. National ID-cards from EU/EØS countries or foreign passports are accepted. If you have no national ID-card or passport, you will need

About the exam

The test can be taken online at all traffic service offices run by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen/NPRA) that offers «drop-in theory».