FAQ - Drones/RPAS

Frequently asked questions about drones/remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

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How much does the exam cost?

The fee for taking the exam is 1010 NOK as of June 2018. (Subject to change.)

How long is the theoretical valid?

The verification for passed exam has no expiration date. It is however important that approved RO2 and RO3 operators ensure that pilots connected to the

Will I receive a certificate after I pass the theoretical exam?

No, you won’t receive a separate certificate, but you will receive verification that you have passed or not. The documentation for

Where do I find a list of airports?

See the link below. These are aerodromes (airports/airfields) that you as a drone operator cannot fly closer to than 5 kilometers, except when a special

I want to fly a drone or a model airplane within 5 kilometers of an airport, whom do I contact?

You have to contact Air Traffic Management at the airport in question. You can also call the

What is the age limit to fly drones?

No age limit has been established for flying drones in the categories RO1, RO2, or RO3 for pilots or aircraft managers. However, the age limit for operation

Will I receive a certificate of authorization for RO1?

No certificate of authorization is issued for RO1 since operators only declare their operations. Lists with an overview of operators are

Is there an English version of the drone regulations?

Yes, see the link below. Note that this is a courtesy, unofficial translation.

I am going to be operating in the RO1 category. Do I have to report to The Civil Aviation Authority before each assignment?

No, you do not have to report every assignment as long as you operate in

Where do I apply for an RO1?

You do not need to apply for a permit for the category RO1. For this category you have to declare that you will operate in compliance with regulations. When you are up

I want to transport goods with RPAS. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. You have to prepare a plan and describe this in the operations manual. Transportation of goods requires special

What are the requirements for taking the exam?

You have to show valid ID, pay the fee, and provide your personal ID number or D number to take the exam. You do not have to be associated with an