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Drone guide – for play and leisure

Here are the rules and guidelines for using your drone for play and leisure. The rules are also available on mobile and web in Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and German.

As the drone operator you take full responsibility for damage to people and property: Always fly your drone in a mindful and considerate manner!
Keep your distance from airports. Never fly closer than 5 km.
You should always be able to see your drone. The maximum flying height is 120 meters above the ground.
Keep a distance of 150 meters from people, buildings, and traffic. This means traffic on roads, at sea and in the air.

Top 5 rules:

  1. The drone should always be kept within your sight and operated in daylight and in a mindful and considerate manner. Never fly near accident sites. 

  2. Never fly closer than 5 km from airports unless you have explicit clearance to do so. 

  3. Never fly higher than 120 meters off the ground. 

  4. Never fly over festivals, military facilities or sporting events. Keep a distance of 150 meters. 

  5. Be considerate of others privacy. Take note of the rules concerning photos and films of other people.