New licence reference number

Civil Aviation Authority – Norway changes the licence reference numbers. To secure the licence holder’s privacy, CAA- Norway replaces the 11 digits from the social security number with a randomly generated number.

New licences will be issued with the new licence number from October 1st 2020. Licence holders holding a licence with a licence number containing the holder’s social security number will, from October 1st 2020, be issued a new licence with the new number when renewing their licence. Existing licences will remain valid until the licence holder receives the new licence with the new number.

Licence holders do not have to take any special action at this point, but follow normal procedure for application and issue, revalidation and renewal of licences. When receiving a new, revalidated or renewed licence with the new number, the licence holder has to ensure that the employer and others register the new licence number.

Operators have to update the licence number in their systems as licence holders receive new licences.

The change in the licence number system does not apply to Cabin Crew Attestation, as these do not contain the social security number.

Published: 29. Jun 2020