Covid-19: New national infection control measures

Updated 9 November 2020.

Information from The Norwegian Government regarding Quarantines and travel: 

  • Work travellers who have been in an area where the level of infection is particularly high during the 10-day period before their arrival in Norway will no longer be able to be exempted from the duty of quarantine during work hours on the basis of undergoing a test for Covid-19 once every three days, see Section 6c of the Covid-19 regulations. The general requirement to go into quarantine on entry to Norway will therefore apply in principle to all workers arriving from these areas.
  • For workers who may make use of the exemption from the duty of quarantine set out in Section 6c of the Covid-19 regulations, the following amendments to the rules have been made: workers who are allowed to work but must be in quarantine during leisure time are to be tested once every three days and must be given accommodation in a single room for the first 10 days of their stay in Norway The employer must ensure that it is possible to maintain social distancing when workers are undergoing quarantine during leisure time. There is no longer any exemption to the requirement to go into quarantine on entry to Norway during leisure time.
  • (New) All air carriers must inform passengers arriving in Norway of the following:
    • All arriving passengers from red countries must be in quarantine for 10 days after arrival in Norway. Passengers from red countries – other than Norwegian citizens and persons residing in Norway – must present a certificate of a negative Covid-19 test when they arrive in Norway. For details of which countries and accepted test methods and certificates, see The Norwegian health authorities have informed the Civil Aviation Authority that the following tests are accepted: PCR test, RT-PCR test and Antigen test. The certificate must be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, German or French. The test must have been taken less than 72 hours before entry. Persons not presenting such a test may be refused entry. This will be implemented from midnight, Monday 9 November.

    • All arriving passengers must have a permanent residence in Norway, or the employer or client must provide a guarantee of a suitable place of residence upon arrival in Norway. Persons, including tourists and visitors, who do not have their own residence or residence provided by their employer or client, must stay in quarantine hotels for 10 days and get tested during the quarantine period. This also applies to family members who come to visit relatives in Norway. Temporary entry and exit controls will be performed at the internal Schengen border. If you get sick or have symptoms, self-isolate and call 116 117 for testing.

    • Regarding crew: All crew and minimum support personnel that are required to carry out cargo and passenger flights are exempt from the travel restrictions upon entry into Norway. Crew are not required to present a certificate of a negative covid-19 test, (new 8 November 2020). Crew and minimum support personnel must be in quarantine when off duty. Crew and minimum support personnel with longer stay in norway, must be tested for covid-19 at last every 7 days.

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For more information about the status of different countries, and – regions, please consult the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) English website.

Published: 06. Nov 2020