Changes in the Part-FCL licence format

CAA Norway has changed the layout of the current Part-FCL licence for aeroplanes and helicopters for the following licences: PPL, CPL, MPL and ATPL.

The purpose of the change is to simplify and standardize the template according to “best practice” among the EU member states. The change will also create more space for revalidation or renewal of ratings.

Specific changes:
In item XII, Ratings, certificates and privileges, you will find all valid ratings, certificates and privileges as Instructor and Examiner at the time of issue. A «valid until» column is added to indicate the expiry date of each specific rating or certificate.



On the backside of the licence, all rows will be empty every time the licence is issued by CAA-Norway.

The Examiner certificate will be included in the new licence format and not issued as a separate attachment.

Practical implementation:
The existing Part-FCL licence will automatically be changed to the new template and issued by CAA-Norway when there is a reason for issuing a new licence.

The existing Part-FCL licence will remain valid until you receive a new licence. Both licence formats and the examiner certificate attachment will be valid until all licences are replaced with the new format.

If you have questions regarding this change, you may contact CAA-Norway by phone +47 75 58 50 00 – select key selection number 3 – Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 14.30.


Last updated: 30. Jun 2020