Svalbard Airport Longyear changes to national airport

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided to amend the status of Svalbard Airport Longyear (LYR) from international to national airport with effect from 1 October 2017.

Svalbard Airport is not in line with international guidelines for international airports. The change will not affect current traffic.

Establishment of border control facilities at Svalbard Airport, dimensioned for international scheduled air services, will require significant resources, both in terms of personnel and infrastructure. Change of status to national airport is to be seen in the context of the significant traffic increase, which has taken place since Svalbard Airport was granted international airport status in 1975.

Due to the interest of tourism, the international charter traffic at the airport will continue. This as exceptions to the requirement for first arrival and last departure at international airports in line with the current regime and practice for traffic permissions of charter flights to/from Svalbard Airport. There are no international scheduled air services to/from Svalbard Airport today.

The change of status will not have consequences for the agreement of 1974 with Russia regarding the use of Svalbard Airport.

Published: 20. Sep 2017