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Proposed change of transition altitude (TA) in Norwegian airspace

The Civil Aviation Authority of Norway intend to harmonise the transition altitude area wide. A project is initiated in cooperation with the UK/Ireland Functional Airspace Block (FAB) with the aim to assess and implement a harmonised Transition Altitude (TA) of 18,000ft in November 2017.  

Present transition altitude in Norway varies from 5,000ft to 7,000ft, and 3,000ft over the high seas.

Preliminary safety assessments indicate safety benefits by operating a higher and harmonised transition altitude, this is also indicated by EUROCONTROL studies.

Since 2009 CAA-N has conducted multiple consultations and meetings with Norwegian airspace users regarding the change of TA, and a Letter of Intent is recently agreed between the UK/Ireland FAB and Norway to co-operate fully on the development and implementation of a higher TA, nominally 18,000ft.

The rationale for the change is expected enhanced flight safety, efficiency and capacity through harmonised and standardised procedures, and environmental profits achieved through reduced fuel burn and CO2 emissions, and less noise.

The planned change process of TA will include studies and safety assessments of altimeter setting procedures, design of QNH Areas and provision of QNH. Therefore, involvement from airspace users is a necessity when invitations will be sent out for participation in such studies and safety assessments.

The European position on a Harmonised European Transition Altitude (HETA) is still unclear, but a Rulemaking Group is established and will present its findings to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Director. If the decision is taken to progress with a higher TA, a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) would be issued at the beginning of 2015. Therefore, a final decision on the way forward from a European perspective is unlikely to be made before the end of 2015 at the earliest.

The implementation of an 18,000ft TA is consistent with Option 2 of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) consultation on a harmonised TA in line with the European Commission Rulemaking Procedure.

According to Regulation (EC) No 551/2004 there are requirements regarding full consultation of relevant airspace users or relevant groups representing airspace users and military authorities as appropriate. The consultation is planned to take place from November 2015 through to February 2016.

Any queries or further guidance required as a result of this communication should be addressed to:

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