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Meteorological service (METAR) on offshore installations and ships

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA-N) is aware of increased offshore activity north of Norne HTZ. Due to this increased activity the CAA-N considers it necessary to clarify the requirements related to METAR service on offshore installations in the Norwegian Regulation on Aviation Meteorological Services (Regulation 28 January 2008 No 81, BSL G 7-1)

§11c) in the regulation describes which additional requirements applies to METAR services at the Norwegian continental shelf “For regular flights to offshore installation or ship in an area which is not covered in §11a), METAR services shall be available”

The objective of the regulation is to secure a meteorological service which contributes to enhance aviation safety, regularity and effectiveness. The CAA-N emphasises that safety requirement shall be complied with in connection with all helicopter transport to and from installations or ships, independent of location and number of flights.

The requirement for METAR services is given to operators/owners of offshore installation or ship with helicopter deck. For flights to offshore installations or ships in area which is not covered in the regulation §11a) (e.g. exploration search) METAR service shall be established.

The above mentioned requirement for METAR service applies only to installations and ships outside a radius of 10NM from another installation or ship which have METAR service north of Norne HTZ.