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Occurrence reporting in Norway

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Regulation on occurrence reporting BSL A 1-3 states that all aviation occurrences in Norway/Norwegian airspace or involving a Norwegian registered aircraft shall be reported on form NF-2007 to the Civil Aviation Authority - Norway (CAA-N) within 72 hours after the occurrence. This implies that all accidents, serious incidents and incidents shall be reported. However, technical occurrences with foreign aircraft without operational effects are not subject to mandatory reporting.

On 11 December 2012 the CAA-N and the Accident and Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) implemented the revised English version of the reporting form NF-2007. This form is electronically available at the state portal, and shall be used to report all types of occurrences. Word and PDF-versions are available as backup on the websites of CAA-N ( and the AIBN (

The registration process at has been simplified and the electronic form is now available for foreign citizens and organizations. Anyone can now easily create an account and choose a user name and password to report incidents; a Norwegian identification number is no longer necessary. When filing a report using, occurrences classified as accidents and serious incidents are automatically sent to both CAA-N and AIBN while incidents are sent to the CAA-N only.

Compared to the previous version of the reporting form, the revised electronic form has a simpler layout and more extensive use of dynamics to improve usability. In addition, an extra page will be mandatory when reporting an accident or serious incident. This page contains information that the AIBN requires for their further investigation.

To ensure effective safety reporting we have facilitated for a “Just Culture” environment, in which front line operators or others are not punished for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them that are commensurate with their experience and training, and which provides confidence of aviation professionals in the reporting system and the guarantee of adequate protection from prejudice. However, gross negligence, willful violations and destructive acts are generally not tolerated within this culture. This “Just Culture” is supported by adequate legal requirement.

For questions or more information regarding occurrence reporting please visit Mandatory occurrence reporting in Norway or contact CAA-N via e-mail to