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06 JUL

Proposed change of transition altitude (TA) in Norwegian airspace

Delayed implementation
This AIC replaces AIC-I 06/14 (28 May)

Norway intends to raise the Transition Altitude (TA) to 18,000ft area wide. In cooperation with the UK/Ireland Functional Airspace Block (FAB) the objective is to implement a harmonised TA on the same AIRAC date. 

In 2014 EASA studied the potential for a Pan-European harmonised, higher TA. Their conclusion was to not require Member States to change their TAs through regulatory action. However the report from EASA will make recommendations concerning considerations and likely decisions needed when States look to change their TA.

CAA-N has earlier announced that 18,000ft TA was planned to be implemented in November 2017. Due to delayed implementation into RP3 within the United Kingdom, and the introduction of a new ATM system (iTEC) by the Norwegian ANSP Avinor Flysikring AS, the timeline for the TA change is to be postponed to 2021/22. The CAA-N will, in cooperation with Avinor Flysikring AS, confirm the date for implementation of a new TA once the UK/Ireland FAB NSAs have confirmed and announced their plans.

Information regarding consultation on change of TA will be announced at a later stage, but not before 2020.