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Information regarding upcoming national requirement for pressurized aircraft

CAA-Norway has registered a number of serious incidents involving icing, some severe and involving loss of control in flight at low and medium altitudes. Unpressurized aircraft are far more susceptible to icing and turbulence as they have to stay at or below 10.000 feet at all times, and hence is unable to overfly areas of known or forecasted icing. The phenomenon is particularly pronounced in Norway due to the arctic coastal climate and high raising terrain close to the coastline.

CAA-Norway initiated a process with EASA in 2014, to address this problem through establishing special requirements in Commission regulation (EU) 965/2012 (EASA OPS) for operations in these areas, of which pressurized aircraft will be one of the requirements. Representatives from EASA have visited the Norwegian CAA and were given an extensive briefing on the operational challenges associated with operating in Norway. EASA agrees that the special operational challenges require regulatory attention.

The rulemaking process in EU is fairly time consuming, and CAA-Norway will in the meantime publish the requirement through national legislation.

Based on this, CAA-Norway have decided to publish a new regulation requiring aircraft operating scheduled air services over mountainous terrain in Norway (6000 feet, ref. ICAO Annex 6 Doc 8168), to use pressurized aircraft.

This requirement will be valid for all scheduled flights over mountainous land areas in Norway, and are not limited to single routes or route segments.

The temporary national regulations are expected to be published in Q4 2015.