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High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations in Norway – Non-exhaustive list

With reference to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Article 2 no. 8 and ORO.SPO.110, a commercial specialised operator shall apply for and obtain an authorisation issued by the competent authority of the operator prior to commencing a high risk commercial specialised operation. The competent authority where the operation is conducted defines which operations are to be defined as HR (ORO.SPO.110 (a)(2).

The Norwegian aviation authorities (CAA-N) has defined the following operations as HR. The list is non-exhaustive. CAA-N therefore reserve the right to define operations not mentioned in the list as HR.

CAA-N may be consulted for further guidance on issues relating to specialized operations (SPO) in Norway.

HR SPO in Norway

  • Helicopter operations outside the Height Velocity (HV) diagram (operations inside «dead man's curve»)
  • Extended operations below 200 ft. AGL (i.e. animal herding, marking, tranquilising or shooting animals, photo missions, power line inspections etc.)
  • Operations with single engine aircraft below 1000 ft. AGL over congested areas
  • Operations over congested areas with underslung load or externally mounted special equipment
  • HEC operations, including SPO hoist operations
  • Aerobatics, flying displays, competition flights etc.
  • Parachute drop
  • Winter operations in areas with degraded visual conditions/references (especially «white out» conditions etc.)
  • Landings on ships or other vessels in open seas (moving landing platform)