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Change of status for Svalbard Airport, Longyear

On 20 September 2017, the Ministry of Transport and Communications decided to change the status of Svalbard Airport, Longyear from international to national, effective 1 October 2017. The consequence, as the main rule, is that the airport may no longer accommodate international flights.

However, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to establish a dispensation practice for international charter flights to / from Svalbard so that this kind of traffic can continue uninterrupted. This means that international charter flights to/from Svalbard will be processed as dispensations from the main rule.

Charter flights to / from Svalbard are regulated by BSL A 1-7 Aviation on Svalbard and BSL A 1-6 Regulations for taxi and charter flights to / from and in Norway. Further information regarding charter flights to/from Svalbard can be found in AIC- 05/15.