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Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2

Following the tragic Norwegian Super Puma helicopter accident on Friday 29 April, the UK and Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities have been collaborating very closely and are united in their approach.

Shortly after the accident, both National Aviation Regulators introduced restrictions to the Airbus EC225LP helicopter to prevent operators using it for commercial flights. Both National Aviation Regulators have now also agreed to extend the scope of the restriction to include the AS332L2 Super Puma helicopter until further information is available. The decision to extend the restriction is based on the close similarities between the two types of helicopter and neither helicopter can be used by either UK or Norwegian operators for commercial flights.

The restrictions do not apply to search and rescue flights.

The accident remains under investigation by the Norwegian authorities and we remain in close contact with all offshore helicopter operators to continue to assess the situation.

SAFETY DIRECTIVE - Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 - Limitation of operation