Innføring av EASA OPS for flyselskaper

EASA har sendt ut svar på spørsmål som gjelder kravene som påhviler AOC operatører (fixed wing) ved overgangen til forordning 965/2012 (EASA OPS) 28. oktober 2014. Spørsmålene knytter seg til forordningens artikkel 7.1, og gjelder blant annet kravene til revisjon av manualverk og hva som kreves for å få utstedt ny AOC iht. EASA OPS.

Spørsmålene og svarene foreligger foreløpig kun på engelsk. Ved behov for avklaringer kan selskapene kontakte aktuell inspektør i Luftfartstilsynet.

Spørsmål 1:
«Grandfathering» av EU-OPS AOC og re-utstedelse av AOC iht. EASA OPS.
Taking into account art 7.1.b (Reg 965/2012) and what is mentioned in the information note (“The privileges of an AOC holder shall be grandfathered without further evaluation or verification …”), it seems that all AOCs certificates issued before 28 October 2014 should be automatically reissued with the same privileges under the new form included in Part ARO. Is that correct?

Yes, but only if full compliance is demonstrated, especially on the differences between old and new system, in particular SMS. Verification or evaluation mentioned here above relate to the privileges granted under EU-OPS. All EU-OPS compliant AOCs shall be grandfathered and re-issued with the same privileges under the new form. Grandfathered privileges need not be evaluated or verified again, because they have been evaluated / verified during the EU-OPS certification process. However, grandfathered privileges shall be updated in accordance with the new rules (as discussed further down the Note). The same goes for the new privileges.

We neither mean nor recommend automatic re-issuance of AOCs. The NAA should make sure all other conditions are met i.e. a SMS has been established and related operators documentation and manuals updated.

Spørsmål 2:
Oppdatering av manualverket – hvilke endringer krever verifisering (godkjenning/aksept) av luftfartsmyndigheten (LT)?
On the other hand, art 7.1.a asks for changes in operator procedures, management system, training, manuals, … (also mentioned in point 4.1 of Information Note).  Do all these changes have to be subject to NAA evaluation and verification?

The differences between EU-OPS and the new rules, for example on the management system and the implementation of the SMS must be verified by the authority. Issues which have not changed, e.g. performance, should not be reassessed.

Spørsmål 3:
Hva skjer dersom selskapet ikke gjør endringene som kreves innen 28. oktober 2014?
What happens if an operator arrives to 28 October without having made all these changes?, in that situation, does the NAA still have to reissue a new certificate automatically?

No. If compliance with the new rules cannot be demonstrated then the AOC cannot be reissued.

Spørsmål 4:
Vil AOC iht. EASA OPS kunne utstedes 28. oktober 2014 dersom operatøren har åpne avvik fra EU-OPS?
If either during new manuals, procedures, evaluation and verification, or if during normal oversight activities, findings against EU-OPS compliance are raised by the NAA, can we reissue the certificate on 28 October?, can a corrective action period for these findings (with the period finishing later than 28 October,… December, January) be granted? (“only EU-OPS compliant AOCs are grandfathered”).

The findings should be closed as far as possible. It will also be a case by case decision. If a level 2 finding is made 1 week in advance of 28 October, corrective action may not be implemented within one week. However, there shouldn’t be any open findings on the new management system, procedures etc. This means that the operator and authority have not done their job during the transition and so a new AOC should not be issued as compliance cannot be demonstrated.